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Welcome to Flying Off the Bookshelf —a travel blog for bookworms. I travel the world through books and in real life. Join me on my adventures!

Here you’ll find travel tips on everywhere from Europe to Disney World to my own Alabama backyard. PLUS we have book recommendations for destinations all over the world — whether you are planning a trip or just want to experience some armchair travel!

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Cinderella Castle on one half of picture, Tower of Terror on the other half
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Magic Kingdom vs. Hollywood Studios: Which Disney World Park Should You Visit?

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, I really hope you aren’t having to make these kinds of hard decisions. BUT if you are trying to decide which park you should spend more time at, here’s a full breakdown off all things Magic Kingdom vs. Hollywood Studios to help you decide. Both Magic Kingdom…

Hi! I’m Erin!

Welcome to Flying Off the Bookshelf — a blog all about books and travel!

I’m a mom, wife, and peanut butter addict. I live in North Alabama, and I love my home. But I also love to get out and explore!

Whether I’m traveling to Europe, visiting Disney, or just exploring the world through a good book, I love a good adventure!