Welcome! I’m Erin!

I have always been a writer (and a reader) + a lover of all things travel. Here at Flying Off the Bookshelf, I’ve combined them to make a travel blog for bookworms.

The world is always open to you, whether you are planning your next vacation or just need to escape through the pages of a great book.

Besides running Flying Off the Bookshelf, I’m also a freelance copywriter. I started this blog when I realized I wanted to expand my copywriting practices outside the world of engineering. I decided to create my own travel site thinking it might open up future copywriting opportunities. Instead, it has grown to be its own business!

Want to know more about what we value here? Check out our mission statement.

A little about me:

My husband and I have been married for 12 years, and he is my favorite person in the world to travel with! (We always joke that we travel so well together because I make all the travel plans and then he is there to improvise when something inevitably falls apart.) We also have an elementary school-aged daughter (but you won’t see much about her around here because those are our internet decisions, etc. etc.)

Things I love: dark chocolate, peanut butter, reading, Disney, early mornings on a trip when the world feels exciting, the North Carolina mountains, swimming, making lists, my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama.

Things I don’t love (or actually kind of hate): onions, running, not getting enough sleep, coffee, spicy food, free-fall rides.

What I love most of all: my family.

Especially when I get to adventure with them.

Thanks for being here!


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