Welcome to Flying Off the Bookshelf, a blog about travel and books. I’m Erin, the creator of Flying Off the Bookshelf. Along with my husband, Gerrit, and our daughter, we love to travel and read; so this blog brings the two together!

When it comes to traveling, I’m obsessed with researching as much as possible and getting every detail right. In our marriage, we joke that we travel well together because I make the perfect travel plans and Gerrit’s penchant for spontaneity saves the day when something inevitably goes wrong (like when you lose your phone in Italy or miss an entire day of a trip because of a flight delay).

Because I love researching travel destinations and making itineraries so incredibly much (like really, it’s almost embarrassing), I want to bring you the best travel information I can. I share lists and itineraries that can make your trips go smoothly, and tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way that will make your adventures the best they can be. Plus we share the best books you can read to take a trip around the world from your own house.

Thanks for joining us!