I’m so excited to introduce you to my FREE Disney Planning Course!

Here’s what you need to know:

1) It’s a free email course. And if you, like my husband, are like “what’s an email course? like a course that teaches you how to send emails?” 😂😂 No. No it is not. It’s a class you’ll RECEIVE over email over the course of a week.

2) My goal with this course is to help you spend about 10-20 minutes per day for a week planning your Disney trip (so, not an overwhelming amount of time) and at the end of the week feel really solid about where your plans are and have everything booked that you can.

3) Here’s what you’ll get over the 7 days:
✈️ Day 1: Intro + Transportation
🏨 Day 2: Hotels and Resorts
🎫 Day 3: Getting Your Tickets
😋 Day 4: Everything Disney Dining
🎆 Day 5: Extras You’ll Need to Book
🎢 Day 6: Rides and Understanding Genie+
Day 7: Putting It All Together!

It’ll come to your inbox every day, have a bit for you to read, a daily task to complete for your trip, and often some links to some additional resources.

And I’ve tried to put all my best tips inside from how to save money making reservations to what rides to prioritize at Rope Drop and more.

SO if you are wanting to plan a Disney trip for your family sign up below!

Here’s Why I Want To Help…

I love Disney World. And there’s nothing I hate more than watching a family at the Most Magical Place on Earth getting frustrated because they didn’t plan their trip. I’ve seen families thinking they could make same day reservations for in-demand restaurants. I’ve seen families arguing about how they are spending their time in the parks.

And I don’t want that to be you.

To me, Disney is a place full of joy, and you deserve to have a magical vacation with your family!