Disney Scented Candles That Smell Like Parks and Resorts

Variety of Disney Scented Candles

Disney Scented Candles: A Remedy for Post-Vacation Blues

There’s nothing worse than a Disney vacation hangover. And while I haven’t found the cure, there are a few tricks that can help you bring the Disney magic home with you, and one of my favorites is Disney scented candles!

When we got home from our stay at the Polynesian, I immediately wanted a candle that smelled like the lobby. This of course took me down the rabbit hole of other candle scents. I wanted to know what candles had the best scents and most accurate matches to the park. So today I’m bringing my Disney scented candles review to you.

While I wish I could have spent basically the budget of a large television on buying Disney candles, that wasn’t exactly practical. So instead I picked some of my favorite scents at some of the popular candle companies and compared them head to head, plus added a few extra fun scents.

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Why Disney Scents Are So Important

First, let’s talk about what makes Disney scents so important when it comes to your trip and memories.

Disney understands how important the sense of smell is and they use the science of how smell triggers memory to engrain the special memories of your trip even more deeply inside your brain. And to achieve this, they pipe scents into the parks and resorts ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Those bakery and popcorn smells on Main Street? Piped in. The lobby smell of your favorite resort? Piped in. The smell of Rome burning on Spaceship Earth or the dirt when you fly over elephants in Soarin’? It’s all manufactured by Disney to enhance your experience.

Which is why Disney scented candles are such a great way to re-live your experience once you are home!

Magic Candle Company Review

Overall rating for scents: 4.5/5
Overall rating for accuracy: 5/5

First up in our Disney scented candles review is Magic Candle Company, perhaps the most well-known and beloved candle company in the Disney community.

Magic Candle Company candles come in tins and have wooden wicks, which promote even burning and make a nice crackling sound. They offer 8 oz. candles for $16.95 and 12 oz. candles for $22.95. They also have room sprays, wax melts, fragrance oils, and air fresheners.

My first experience here was ordering their Polynesian candle and absolutely falling in love with it. From there, I ordered more Disney scented candles, and while I loved most of them, they aren’t all created equal.

Polynesian (Magic Candle Company)

Rating: 5/5

I’ll just tell you right now: I think Magic Candle Company’s Polynesian scent is the most accurate Polynesian resort candle out there. And I’ve even gone through two iterations of it.

The one I ordered last year was a little heavier on the green tea scent than the actual Polynesian lobby is. But I ordered another one this fall and it is even MORE accurate. They’ve dialed back the green tea a bit and upped something else (the citrus maybe?) and it smells exactly like the lobby.

I HIGHLY recommend this candle.

Banshee Flight (Magic Candle Company)

Rating: 1/5

I wish I could say things just as nice about Magic Candle Company’s Banshee Flight candle, but alas. At first this smells nice, taking you back to flying over the sweet smelling ocean of Pandora on Flight of Passage.

But it has an after scent that is not good, y’all. After I burned this candle for awhile I was very confused about why it smelled like someone had spilled nail polish remover all over my house until I realized where it was coming from (spoiler alert: this candle).

Maybe it’s just me and some weird olfactory receptors I have going on. But I do not love this candle and would not order this again.

Beach Resort (Magic Candle Company)

Rating: 5/5

I haven’t actually stayed at the Beach Club (although it’s definitely high on my list), but this scent is also the same scent used for their Floridian, Contemporary, and Yacht candles; and I have to say it smells JUST like the Grand Floridian lobby.

It’s a lovely candle — fresh and soapy smelling (like standing next to the soap store in the Grand Floridian).

Haunted Mansion (Magic Candle Company)

Rating: 5/5

My mom actually snagged this candle when we did a candle order together, and I’m a little bit jealous.

I’m not sure I could have described to you what the Haunted Mansion smelled like, but as soon as I opened this candle I knew THIS WAS IT. It is musty with some vanilla and it is just perfection. I love this candle.

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Wilderness Resort (Magic Candle Company)

Rating: 4/5

Another great candle, although I’m not sure I can tell you what the Wilderness Lodge smells like. I’ve been there, but I don’t exactly remember it having a strong scent. I love this candle though — woodsy and leathery, it smells like a rich outdoorsy cologne. (And if I had to guess at what I remember from the last time I was there, I think is probably pretty close to what the lobby smells like.)

Variety of Disney Scented Candles

Enchanted City Candles Review

Overall rating for scents: 4/5
Overall rating for accuracy: 3/5

Next up in our Disney scented candles review is Enchanted City Candles. I got these by the recommendation of a friend who had bought some for her Disney-loving friend. And I have to say, I really like them. They feel a bit more hit or miss as far as accuracy goes, but they all smell really nice.

Enchanted City Candles are hand poured and have a paraffin and soy wax blend. 8 oz. candles are $16. But you can get tiny cute 2 oz. candles for $5.25 that come in adorable little glass jars, which I love! And this also means you can get more scents for less money!

Poly Village (Enchanted City Candles)

Rating: 3/5

This candle smells lovely and tropical and fruity. Perfectly summery fresh. But it does not at all smell like the Polynesian Resort. So if you’re looking for something to remind you of a trip, I’d skip this one.

(I did read somewhere online that this smells like how the Poly USED to smell before they did renovations/took away the giant lobby centerpiece/etc., but I can’t verify this personally.)

Grand Floridian (Enchanted City Candles)

Rating: 5/5

This one smells great and is pretty accurate to the Grand Floridian. It might be my least favorite Grand Floridian out of this group, but I still think it’s pretty fantastic.

Wilderness Lodge (Enchanted City Candles)

Rating: 4/5

Again, a nice candle, but again, not really what the Wilderness Lodge smells like. This mostly smells like a Christmas candle with a bit of firewood added on. Still a solid candle, though.

Main Street Bakery (Enchanted City Candles)

Rating: 5/5

I wanted to get something food related and man this HIT THE SPOT. Sweet vanilla and caramel. This smells like you have a caramel cake baking in the oven and it is fantastic.

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Main Street Melts Candle Company Review

Overall rating for scents: 4/5
Overall rating for accuracy: 4/5

Last up for our Disney scented candles review are candles from Main Street Melts. I got a sampler 4 pack of little tea lights, which I like because it enabled me to sample several candles, but I also feel like I might have gotten a slightly better sense from slightly larger candles.

Main Street Melts uses soy wax. They offer 9 oz. candles for $18.95, 12 oz. double wick candles for $22.95, and 18 oz. triple wick candles for $34.95. They also offer wax melts, fragrance oils, and other Disney scented products.

Overall, I really liked these candles. Some were more accurate than others, but they all smell great.

Polynesian Village (Main Street Melts)

Rating: 3/5

This candle smells more cozy than it does like the Polynesian resort. I really liked it, but not something that makes me feel like I’m standing in the Poly lobby when I close my eyes.

Floridian (Main Street Melts)

Rating: 5/5

This is my second favorite Grand Floridian scent on the list. It smells so much like the fresh Grand Floridian lobby and I have zero complaints about it. Plus it’s a beautiful green color.

Pandora Banshee Flight (Main Street Melts)

Rating: 4/5

I got this candle so I could compare it to the Magic Candle Company Banshee Flight, and I have to say…this one is SO much better. The same ocean-y smell but without the after-scent of nail polish remover.

So if you’re looking for a Pandora candle, I’d go with Main Street Melts!

Splash Mountain (Main Street Melts)

Rating: 4/5

This was a bit of a wild card, and I don’t really have another Splash Mountain candle to compare it to. BUT I’ll give you my thoughts anyway.

I think it’s probably hard to make a good water candle in general because water is cool and candles can’t help but have the smoky heat smell. This candle did what it could to smell watery and bromine-y I think, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted.

I will say though, that as SOON as I blew it out I got a whiff of “Oh! There’s Splash Mountain!” So I think this is probably a good option if you want a Splash Mountain candle.

Disney Scented Candles Verdict

Despite how much I dislike Magic Candle Company’s Banshee Flight, I think they still get the win here. There other candles are just too delightful and uncannily accurate for it to be any other way.

BUT other candle companies have some great candles too! And especially if you want different sample packs so you can get several different scents. Both Enchanted City Candles and Main Street Melts Candle Co. offer sampler packs or smaller candles, and I think this is just such a fun way to go!

And if you want some imaginative scents, Main Street Melts has some fun options like Enchanted Library or Rapunzel’s Glowing Lanterns or Frozen Forest. These don’t really smell like a specific Disney park or resort, but they are still fun Disney themed candles.

I hope this Disney scented candles review helped you narrow it down! If you have any favorite Disney scented candles, let me know! Drop a comment below or head over to Instagram (where I spend A LOT of time) and send me a message. I’m always on the hunt for even more great candles!

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