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Disney Wish Restaurants - The Bayou

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When you’re planning a cruise, one of the things you may look forward to the most is the seemingly endless amount of dining you can do. And the Disney Wish restaurants definitely know how to treat you to some vacation meals! So here’s our full guide to dining on the Disney Wish, helping you parse out the different dining options and understand how Disney’s rotational dining works.

How Does Dining Work on a Disney Cruise?

Let’s start with how dining works on Disney Cruise Line.

For breakfast and lunch, there are casual dining options you can choose from. Or you can choose to eat at a sit-down restaurant. For dinner though, you will be assigned a restaurant and a dining time as part of Disney Cruise Line’s rotational dining.

Disney Cruise Line Rotational Dining

Disney Cruise Line uses a rotational dining system for dinner. So, when you get on the ship, you’ll find your party assigned to a specific restaurant each night.

Each Disney Cruise ships has three main restaurants. On the Disney Wish these are 1923, Worlds of Marvel, and Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure.

One of my favorite things about rotational dining (besides getting to experience all the restaurants on the ship) is that your servers rotate with you. This means that you really get to know them and they get to know you. And as your time on the ship goes on, they’ll start to have things ready for you, like already having kids’ drinks at their places or knowing you’ll want to order coffee after dinner.

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Assigned Seating Time

There are two assigned seating times on Disney Cruises, the early dinner at 5:45 and the late dinner at 8:00.

Of course, most families with kids choose the earlier time, while parties of adults and older children often choose the later time.

And it’s set so that your evening entertainment is opposite your dinner seating. So, if you have the early dinner time, you’ll go to a show after dinner. And if you have the later dinner time, you’ll see your show first.

When you book your cruise, you can choose your dinner seating time. However, if you get on the ship and aren’t happy with your dinner time and need to change it, you can go and talk to guest services.

What Disney Wish Restaurants Are Included in the Price of Your Cruise?

The price of your cruise will include all of the dining you need on your cruise, however it won’t necessarily include all the dining you might want.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Dining at the three main rotational dinner restaurants
  • Breakfast at either Marceline Market or the sit-down restaurant (usually on the Wish it’s 1923)
  • Lunch & snacks at either Marceline Market, Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods, or the sit-down restaurant
  • Room Service (be sure to tip though!)

What’s not included:

  • Palo Steakhouse
  • Enchanté
  • Olaf’s Royal Picnic
  • Specialty Drinks and Alcoholic Drinks (even at rotational dining restaurants)
  • Specialty Coffees
  • Treats at Inside Out: Joyful Sweets
  • Food or drinks at any of the lounges

Disney Wish Restaurants: Rotational Dining

There are three rotational dining restaurants on the Disney Wish: 1923, Worlds of Marvel, and Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure.

They all have unique menus, and two of the three of them also include an entertainment aspect.


Location: Deck 3
Included in Cruise Price: Yes

1923 is named for the year that the Walt Disney Company was founded. Inside you’ll find all kinds of memorabilia and animation art from the history of Disney movies. So definitely take some time to stroll around the restaurant and look at the display!

It’s also meant to be themed for 1920s glamour, so they have plush seats and gold accents.

The menu evokes California fine-dining, with fresh foods and and a bit of fusion.

The bread service is Fig and Olive Bread with Honey Butter Dip, which I thought was fantastic. I had a hard time choosing an appetizer, but landed on the Hyperion Four-Cheese Tri-Color Tortelloni which I thought were great. For my meal, I had the 1923 Peppered Filet Mignon. The steak and sauce were both perfect, but the green beans left a lot to be desired.

Filet Mignon at 1923
Filet Mignon

My favorite part may have been the dessert though! I had the Hollywood Hills Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae, which was so fun and made me feel like a kid, while also being classy enough for the space.

The whole restaurant was a great experience! And this is definitely more of the “fine dining” experience on the ship, because, as you’ll see, the other two restaurants are more character driven.

Worlds of Marvel

Location: Deck 4
Included in Cruise Price: Yes

Worlds of Marvel is such a unique dining experience! Not only is the food super imaginative, but the entertainment is so fun, especially for super-hero loving kids (and adults).

Let start with the food. Many of the menu items are based off of Marvel superheroes and movies, but really this is mostly in the title. What you’ll find in practicality, is fusion dishes from cuisine around the world, including Italian, Asian, and Latin.

And it starts with the funky bread service, a Marble Loaf with Red Bell Pepper Dipping Sauce. For my appetizer I had the Sauteed Crimini and Oyster Mushrooms, which were fine, but I felt like they needed a crostini or something.

My main dish the Chicken Schnitzel which I loved, but my mother-in-law had the Ricotta Gnocchi (one of the vegetarian options) and we all agreed it was the best dish at the table.

Chicken Schnitzel at Worlds of Marvel
Chicken Schnitzel

For dessert I had the Nano Dobos Torta, because I will always order the chocolate option. It was good, but not particularly memorable.

Then we have to talk about the entertainment! Throughout dinner, the screens around the restaurant will have different segments with Ant Man and the Wasp, who are trying to test out a new Quantum Core to shrink objects. There are various mishaps, which you’ll participate in by pressing the buttons on the Quantum Cores on your table, until it ends in a super hero battle.

The show is fun, and kids will especially love it. But I did feel like the time we waited between show segments were awkward. And it was also VERY loud. So be prepared for that if you’re sensitive to noise.

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure

Location: Deck 5
Included in Cruise Price: Yes

Arendelle may have been my favorite dining experience of all three of the rotational options! It’s a restaurant themed after Frozen, and includes a center stage where the entertainment is pretty constant throughout dinner. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf visit of course. But mainly there are Arendelle musicians performing various hits from the movies.

I also thought the food here was excellent. Most of it has a Nordic twist, and I loved it.

Pro Tip: Always listen to your servers and the dishes they recommend! They really know what dish is best at each restaurant!

The bread service here is Six-Grain Viking Loaf with Roasted Onion Dip, which was good. And for my appetizer, I got the Jarlsberg Cheese & Rosemary Ham Tart which had good flavor, although did feel like it had been sitting under a heat lamp for a little long. However, the dish they are especially known for is Elsa’s Royal Baked Scallops.

Baked Scallops from Arendelle
Baked Scallops from Arendelle

The main dish to get here is the Arendelle Kjottkake. These are meatballs with a rosemary sauce and lingonberry chutney that are served on top of egg noodles. It was fantastic, and definitely the best dish at our table!

The Signature Dessert here is The Troll Family Rock Chocolate Bar, which I thought was the best chocolate dessert I had on the cruise.

So overall, this was my favorite restaurant, and I definitely wouldn’t skip dining here!

Troll Family Rock Chocolate Bar
Troll Family Rock Chocolate Bar

Special Menu Nights

Often, Disney Cruise Line offers special menu nights on the ship, depending on your itinerary. These are often themed to go along with the entertainment.

However, the Disney Wish only offers special menus on their 4-night sailings, which is a Pirate Night menu. While 3-night sailing also have a Pirate Night, the restaurants don’t join in and instead offer their regular menus.

If you are on a 4-night sailing with a Pirate Night menu, all three rotational dining restaurants will offer the same menu.

The menu is called “Pirates in the Caribbean” so you’ll mostly find Caribbean dishes like jerk chicken and seafood. The bread service is a Johnny Cake (cornbread) with Mango Dip.

My favorite thing to get is usually the slow-roasted option, and on the Wish that’s Chevalle’s Lamb Shank, which is served with green beans (which unfortunately suffered from the same problems as the 1923 green beans did) and a parsnip mash.

For dessert I definitely recommend getting the Rum Soaked Chocolate Cake!

While most 4-night cruises will have a Pirate Night menu, you may also find something different, especially if you are cruising around the holidays. For instance, on Christmas week sailings, you’ll find a Christmas dinner instead of a Pirate Night menu.

Casual Dining on the Disney Wish

Casual Dining on the Wish is where you can go for lunch or dinner or other treats.

Marceline Market

Location: Deck 11
Included in Cruise Price: Yes

Marceline Market is the buffet restaurant on the Disney Wish. It replaces Cabanas, which you’ll find on other earlier Disney Cruise Line ships.

When you go in, note that there are two sides to the restaurant, and both have an identical buffet.

The restaurant is named after Marceline, Missouri, Walt Disney’s childhood hometown. So it has a homey feel with modern twists.

Marceline Market is open for breakfast and lunch, and there will be a huge variety of food to choose from.

Breakfast plate of Mickey Waffles and pancakes overlooking water on aft deck at Marceline Market
Mickey Waffles at Marceline Market

At breakfast you’ll find everything from Mickey Waffles to made-to-order omelets to pastries to yogurt parfaits. And at lunch they might have prime rib, seafood, turkey, pasta, and all kinds of other dishes.

One of my favorite things about Marceline Market is specific kids counter they have. There, you’ll find kid favorites like chicken tenders, fries, and mac and cheese. Of course, adults can get food from here too.

Overall, I thought the food at Marceline Market was fine. It was nothing particularly special, but it also wasn’t bad.

Really my only complaint was about breakfast! There were NO Mickey Churro Waffles to be found (which I first discovered on the Disney Magic and are a staple on some of the cruise ships), and they only had the Ham and Cheese Croissants (one of my other favorite items!) one day.

Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods

Location: Deck 11
Included in Cruise Price: Yes

Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods is where you’ll find meal and snack options out on the pool deck. It’s themed after a county fair and there are several different stations you can choose from:

  • Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue
  • Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream
  • Donald’s Cantina
  • Daisy’s Pizza Pies
  • Goofy’s Grill
Sign for Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods

It’s a great set-up for food, because every member of the family can get something they really love. However, the lines were often very long (ESPECIALLY for the ice cream!).

I also had issue with out it was laid out. I’m not sure why they have it facing the doors to the elevators, because it sometimes created another traffic flow problem (which I discuss in detail in my Wish review), especially when the restaurants first open and people are lining up.

But overall, the food was good and it’s perfect for grabbing something to eat when you are spending the day out by the pool.

Inside Out: Joyful Sweets

Location: Deck 11
Included in Cruise Price: No

Inside Out: Joyful Sweets is an adorable Inside Out themed candy and sweets shop just outside of Marceline Market.

They service specialty cupcakes and ice cream, but note that everything here is an extra cost!

Disgust at Inside Out Joyful Sweets on the Wish

Wheezie’s Freezies

Location: Deck 12
Included in Cruise Price: No

Wheezie’s Freezies is a smoothie bar located on the pool deck next to the Toy Story Splash Zone. They offer smoothies, snow cones, and other specialty drinks (some in souvenir cups).

This is also a location where your treats will cost you extra money.

Bars & Lounges on the Disney Wish

The Disney Wish really changed it up with how they offer bars and lounges. Instead of having one section of the ship cordoned off for bars (like on the older ships), there are lots of bars and lounges scattered throughout the ship.

Do note that ALL of these will be an extra cost! They are not included in the price of your cruise.

We’re going to go through these from the lowest level of the ship to the top.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge

Location: Deck 3
Included in Cruise Price: No

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge was maybe the most hyped-up of all the Disney Wish restaurants when the ship debuted! And I have to say, I thought the experience lived up to the hype.

This Star Wars themed bar is located on Deck 3 right next to The Bayou. It’s a small bar, and it can sometimes get crowded and require a wait. Sometimes they will also implement reservations. However, we didn’t have any problem going after our show one night.

The coolest thing about this bar is the giant screen behind the bar that makes it look like you are floating in space, occasionally jumping into hyperspace to arrive at a new location. And when you pair that with the natural movements of the ship, plus the way the whole bar rumbles during a hyperspace jump, it really is a fully immersive experience!

The drinks here are also super fun! Disney really made a point to create drinks that are creative and unique, incorporating things like glitter dust and smoke bubbles. All of the drinks we tired tasted great too.

Also this is a space the whole family can enjoy! During the day, kids can experience the Star Wars magic. However, at night it is only for adults.

Hyperspace Lounge

The Bayou

Location: Deck 3
Included in Cruise Price: No

The Bayou is located on Deck 3 behind the Grand Hall. It’s right in the middle of the two hallways, so you can’t miss it.

This is a Tiana themed space, with a beautiful floral ceiling and fun touches from The Princess and the Frog. And it’s also a place where you’ll often find events, including trivia and live music.

You’ll find a variety of cocktails and drinks here. They also serve beignets. But I’ll be honest: the beignets aren’t good. So don’t waste your money on them.


Location: Deck 3
Included in Cruise Price: No

Nightingale’s is the piano bar on the Disney Wish. It’s subtly themed after Cinderella (to match the Grand Hall). They serve a variety of drinks and have live music.

This is also a space that is exclusively for adults.


Location: Deck 3
Included in Cruise Price: No

Every Disney Cruise Line ship has a Preludes, which is the snack bar right outside the Walt Disney theater where you can get popcorn and drinks for during the shows.

There is a Preludes next to both doors to the theater. And you can purchase drinks, cocktails, popcorn, and candy.

Hook’s Barbery

Location: Deck 4
Included in Cruise Price: No

While Hook’s Barbery is meant as a place for haircuts and a shave, there is also a small bar inside. This bar focuses on whiskey and Old Fashioneds. Perfect for the bourbon afficionados!

Wishing Star Cafe

Location: Deck 4
Included in Cruise Price: No

Wishing Star Cafe is located just outside Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and it’s out in the open of the hallway. It’s a small bar where you can get a cocktail or a glass of wine, but they also serve specialty coffees (so you don’t have to go all the way up to Cove Café!).

Luna & Luna Libations

Location: Deck 4
Included in Cruise Price: No

Luna is a lounge that has all kinds of family-friendly entertainment during the day. In the evening though, it becomes an adults-only lounge that serves a variety of cocktails, wines, and beers.

Enchanted Sword Cafe

Location: Deck 5
Included in Cruise Price: No

Enchanted Sword Cafe is just like Wishing Star Cafe, only a deck higher. You’ll find coffees, cocktails, wine, and other drinks here.

Enchanted Sword Cafe

Keg & Compass

Location: Deck 5
Included in Cruise Price: No

Keg & Compass is the pub and sports bar on the Disney Wish. So if there’s a sporting event you don’t want to miss during your sailing, you can head here! It’s also themed after seafaring adventures, so it has all kinds of fun decor details to spot.

You’ll find all kinds of beers, cocktails, and wines here as well as a few British pub food items. This is also one of the spots where they do some of the tasting experiences you can sign up for.

Triton Lounge

Location: Deck 5
Included in Cruise Price: No

Triton Lounge is a small lounge that usually hosts events like family games and trivia. They do have a small drinks menu though, including kid-friendly mocktails.


Location: Deck 11
Included in Cruise Price: No

The Lookout is the pool deck bar that offers beer, cocktails, wine, coffee, and juices. It’s located near Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods.

The Rose

Location: Deck 12
Included in Cruise Price: No

The Rose is such a hidden gem on the Disney Wish! It’s located on Deck 12 right before you arrive at Enchanté or Palo, so it’s where you wait when you arrive for your meals there.

It’s a beautiful bar subtly themed after Beauty and the Beast, and because it’s pretty tucked away from the rest of the ship, it’s usually not very crowded. It also has a full wall of windows looking out onto the water with comfy chairs for great views while you sip your drink!

Bar Seating at The Rose
Bar Seating at The Rose

Cove Cafe

Location: Deck 13
Included in Cruise Price: No

Cove Cafe is located on Deck 13 in the adults-only area. During the day they serve coffee and tea, while at night they also offer cocktails and wine.

Currents Bar

Locations: Deck 13 and 14
Included in Cruise Price: No

Currents Bar is another bar on the pool deck. There are actually two locations: one on the adults-only pool deck, and another overlooking the Toy Story Splash Zone. You’ll find a variety of drinks at each one.

Cushioned Seating Near Currents Bar
Seating Near Currents Bar

Specialty Dining Options on the Disney Wish

Aside from the standard dining options and the bars & lounges located throughout the Disney Wish, there are also other dining options.

Palo Steakhouse (Adults Only)

Location: Deck 12
Included in Cruise Price: No

Every ship on Disney Cruise Line has a Palo Steakhouse, and it’s a super popular reservation to get. While I haven’t dined at Palo on the Wish, I did dine at Palo on the Disney Magic and thought it was excellent!

Palo on the Wish is subtly themed after Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. They offer an Italian menu for brunch and dinner.

Brunch is super popular at Palo, and they have an incredible menu of frittatas, waffles, pizzas, entrees, and desserts.

For dinner you can either do a fixed-price meal when you choose from a limited selection of dishes, or an a la carte menu. I will say, the Dover Sole on the a la carte menu when I dined at Palo on the Magic was maybe the best fish I’ve ever had in my life. And Palo is especially known for their chocolate souffle, so don’t miss that!

Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement (Adults Only)

Location: Deck 12
Included in Cruise Price: No

Enchanté is a new concept on the Wish, and it offers French cuisine and is subtly themed after Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

We had brunch here during our cruise and thought it was a FANTASTIC experience! Like Palo, you can dine at Enchanté for either brunch or dinner.

First, the restaurant is beautiful. While Palo is full of warm woods and and old-world feel, Enchanté is bright and airy with light blue, modern decor.

Booths and Decor at Enchante

The menu is also fantastic. We did the fixed-price brunch, and were blown away with the whole experience. It’s a multi-course brunch, and every dish they bring out to you is full of surprises and amazing flavors. My favorite part though may have been the bread they fly in from France. But every dish was so carefully composed and I’m so glad we had the experience of dining here.

Enchante Lemon Foam Brunch Dish in a bowl
A Lemon Foam Dish at Enchanté – one of my favorites!

Olaf’s Royal Picnic

Location: Deck 5 (at Arendelle)
Included in Cruise Price: No

Olaf’s Royal Picnic may be one of the hardest events for families to book on the Wish! This is a special Frozen character event that takes place on a certain day of your sailing.

This is an exclusive and small event and is meant for families with children ages 3-12. In fact, you can ONLY go if you are accompanying a child ages 3-12, and only children ages 3-12 get the special souvenirs that come with the event.

At the picnic you’ll meet Frozen characters, see performances, and enjoy small finger foods and tea. Kids will also leave with a bag of souvenirs and activities, that I honestly think almost makes the hefty price tag worth it if you have a big Frozen fan in your house. They’ll get things like a rock troll plush, a mandolin guitar, an activity book, a blanket, and more.

Room Service

Location: Your room!
Included in Cruise Price: Yes

Room Service is such an amazing perk of Disney Cruises! These meals and/or snacks are included in the price of your cruise, but you should have a few dollars to tip the server.

You can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner from room service. And it’s the only place on the ship to get Mickey Premium Bars during the day. (Which, I highly recommend ordering a Mickey bar and sitting on your balcony to eat it!)

Embarkation Day Dining Options

When your first get on the ship, you will likely be directed to lunch. (And I highly recommend getting on the ship early enough that you get to go to lunch and then explore the ship before it leaves port!)

For lunch, you can go to either Marceline Market, whatever sit-down restaurant is open for lunch (usually 1923), or get food at Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods.

Debarkation Day Dining Options

Debarkation is the worst part of a Disney Cruise. Besides the fact that it’s a bummer to get off the ship, you also have to get up incredibly early to leave your stateroom (they have to turn it over fast for the next guests!) and go to breakfast.

You will be assigned a breakfast restaurant and time for debarkation day. It will be same restaurant you had dinner at the night before, and you’ll have the same servers you’ve had for dinner. The menu, however, isn’t quite as good as the sit-down menu is for breakfast on the other days because they are trying to move a lot more people through the restaurant a lot more quickly.

The other option is to go to Marceline Market for breakfast. Some people prefer to go to the buffet because it can be less rushed, but the menu is also usually pretty limited on the last morning.

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