Downtown Huntsville, Alabama Murals: A Walkable Art Tour

Koi Mural downtown Huntsville

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Spending a weekend in Huntsville, Alabama and looking for a FREE family-friendly activity? Trying taking a tour of the Huntsville murals scattered throughout downtown! These murals are all within walking distance of each other, and your family will love finding them all while enjoying the sights of Huntsville along the way.

Plus, use our map at the end of this post to make sure you don’t miss any of the best art!

Welcome to Huntsville by Gracie Lennox

Welcome to Huntsville mural by Gracie Lennox

This is the perfect place to start your tour of Huntsville murals. Nestled in the back of Huntsville’s Big Spring Park, you can find this mural welcoming you to the Rocket City.

And be sure to enjoy your time in the park while you are there!

Location: You’ll find the Welcome to Huntsville mural in Big Spring Park on the East side of Church Street past the YMCA.

Koi Mural by Dustin Timbrook

Huntsville Murals: Koi by Dustin Timbrook

Just around the corner from the Welcome to Huntsville mural is this depiction of GIANT koi fish (which makes sense once you’ve seen some of the koi at Big Spring Park).

Location: 132 Spring Street

Chandelier by Jessie Andrews

Jessie Andrews of Honey Blood Art is quickly becoming one of Huntsville most well-known artists with her murals all over the city. One of her newest offerings is Chandelier, a mural painted on the back of the new hotel in downtown Huntsville, 106 Jefferson.

To find this mural, keeping walking north from the Koi Mural toward Clinton Avenue. Between Spraggins Street and Jefferson Street, you’ll find an alley where this mural resides. In fact, this area has become known as Chandelier Alley, and during the warmer months you’ll sometimes find weekend markets here.

Location: Alley by 107 Clinton Avenue.

Clinton Row Art Walk

Clinton Row Art Walk in Downtown Huntsville, Alabama

From Spring Street make your way to Clinton Avenue, where you’ll find the Color Row Art Walk. Several artists have collaborated on this together including Kate LaRocca, Katie Rosetta, Ann Vann, Christina Wegman, and Serpouhie Wegman.

This is a fun little alley to walk down (and don’t forget to look down at the sidewalk!).

From here, you can walk back and relax for a few minutes at Washington Park, a tiny park with some seating; and don’t miss the space-themed art by Drop Metal.

Location: 100 Jefferson Street, but it is actually tucked in an alley about halfway between Jefferson and Washington ON Clinton Ave.

Galactic by Jessie Andrews

Huntsville Murals: Galactic by Jessie Andrews

From Jefferson Park, walk just across Holmes Avenue to see Galactic by Jessie Andrews. This space-themed mural is a perfect fit for the Rocket City, and you won’t want to miss this mixed-media mural of the solar system.

Location: Across the street from 120 Holmes Avenue

Gathering by Robert Bean

Huntsville Murals: Gathering by Robert Bean

Back at Washington Park, take the next alley up by Humphrey’s Bar and Grill where you will find Gathering by Robert Bean. This black and white mural has such a different feel from a lot of the other art on our tour of Huntsville murals, which I really love!

Location: 117 Clinton Avenue

19th Amendment by Kim Radford

Huntsville Murals: 19th Amendment by Kim Radford

Completed in the summer of 2020, this is the newest addition to downtown Huntsville’s murals. This mural commemorating the 19th Amendment spans three stories of the side of a parking garage and should not be missed!

Location: 112 Washington Street

Catalyst by Robert Bean

Catalyst by Robert Bean is an interactive mural in Huntsville

If you want an interactive mural in Huntsville, this is the best one! Here you can pose riding a bike, holding balloons, or bracing yourself against the wind with an umbrella.

Bonus: while you’re in this area of downtown, don’t miss some of the beautiful churches nearby, including First United Methodist (which has the best eggplant colored doors!) and Church of the Nativity, which is perhaps the most iconic downtown Huntsville church with its wrought iron fence and beautiful trees.

Location: 201 Greene Street

Huntsville Murals Map

Use this map to help you find Huntsville murals. Remember, some of them are hiding down alleys!

Bonus Art Downtown

While you’re walking through downtown, keep you eyes peeled for even more art! From space sculptures by Drop Metal to painted doorways and stained glass, there is all kind of beauty to see in downtown Huntsville. You can find some of it in this map from Arts Huntsville.

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