North Alabama’s Cathedral Caverns State Park is an absolutely gem that honestly doesn’t get as much attention as it should! Located just 35 minutes from the city of Huntsville, you can take a cavern tour that will take you through large chambers, concluding in the stunning Cathedral Room.

Honestly, I am from North Alabama, but I only visited Cathedral Caverns once as a child. As an adult, I’ve found myself there several times and am amazed by its beauty every single time!

If you are in the North Alabama or Southern Tennessee area, a trip to Cathedral Caverns is well worth your time—plus it’s completely family friendly!

Why You Should Visit Cathedral Caverns

Cathedral Caverns is a fun visit for the whole family! A tour through the 3/4-mile (1.5 miles round trip) cave path takes about 90 minutes, and the entire path is paved and accessible.

Fun fact: Cathedral Caverns has the largest opening of a commercial cave in the world!

Cathedral Caverns is the largest commercial cave opening in the world!

There are also a lot of fun finds in the cave. There’s a shark tooth embedded in the ceiling and stalagmites and stalactites that make fun shadows (like a sleeping Abraham Lincoln). This cave was also used as a filming location for the 1995 Disney movie Tom and Huck.

Your tour guide should point out all of these fun things to you—plus more! And the last room of the cave — the Cathedral Room it is named for — is stunning. Just completely stunning.

Details You Need to Know

Located in Woodville, AL, Cathedral Caverns State Park is an easy 30-40 minute drive from Huntsville.

You MUST buy a ticket for a tour and enter the cave with a guide! Book tickets in the park gift shop, or call ahead and buy your same day tickets over the phone. A tour lasts about 90 minutes. Tours are offered every hour on the hour. They are open Sunday-Thursday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. -6 p.m.

Prices for tickets are $19 for adults (age 13+) and $9 for children ages 5-12. Children 4 and under are free.

Cathedral Caverns is completely accessible—the whole path is a paved walkway, accessible for strollers and wheelchairs (sometimes you’ll even see employees driving golf carts through). There are a few steep inclines to be aware of though.

Cathedral Caverns rock formations are huge!

There is a gift shop on the premises, as well as restrooms. But if you want to eat while you are there, we suggest bringing a picnic. There are large pavilions with picnic tables near the parking lot.

There are no bathrooms in the cave. So make sure your party (especially your kids!) use the bathroom before you enter the cave.

Remember—the cave is cool! It maintains a temperature of 60 degrees F all year long. This is one thing I love about it. Cathedral Caverns is a great sight to visit during the summer because the cave air is so refreshing. But don’t forget to bring a light jacket!

One more thing to know (especially if you have young kids): at the end of the cave tour there is a portion where your guide will turn out the lights so you are in total darkness. Just be aware of this and make sure you have your kids close to you, holding their hands or maybe picking them up if you think they might be scared.

COVID-19 Note: Right now, tickets are only being sold for the same day. But some days, especially weekends, are selling out due to limited tour group sizes. We recommend calling in the morning before you go to buy your tickets. Mask wearing and social distancing are also being enforced.

We hope you’ll take a trip to Cathedral Caverns! It truly is a beautiful North Alabama sight!

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