Want to know more about what we value? Here’s our Mission Statement.

The world is always open to you, whether you are planning your next vacation or just need to escape through the pages of a great book.

At Flying Off the Bookshelf, we want to empower YOU to take memorable and joyful trips with the knowledge you need.

Our Values

Well-Planned Travel

Here, we do the research and plan the itineraries to give you the knowledge you need to make your travels the best (and smoothest) they can be. We believe well-planned trips result in happier trips.

Knowledgeable Travel

We want you to know about a place before you go. This is why our book lists are a cornerstone of what we do here. When you learn about a destination’s culture and history before your trip, you can appreciate it more (and ask the right questions to learn more) while you are there.

Curious Travel

No matter where you are going — whether it’s Antarctica, a theme park, or a small town down the road — there’s always more to learn. We always want to be curious on our travels and be open to all a destination has to teach us.

Ethical Travel

How will our travel impact a place? Or the world? How can we make the best sustainable travel decisions? We won’t always get it right, but we are committed to trying our best.

Joyful Travel

Travel is full of joy! And we want to find and highlight that joy everywhere we go, whether it’s a magical day at Disney World or seeing some of nature’s most incredible scenery.