Do you want to read more books set in different places around the world? And have those books are your radar so you’re prepared before they come out instead of playing catch-up once they hit shelves?

Okay, sorry, that sounded stressful and marketing-y. You can read backlist whenever you want! So maybe the better question is: do you find it super fun to keep up with new releases and want to know about more books coming out set around the world?

Welcome to the Read the World Book Preview!

I launched this feature for my email subscribers last month, but because it’s something I’m so excited about, I thought it deserved it’s own blog post with all the details!

What is the Read the World Book Preview?

The Read the World Book Preview is a monthly feature you can receive through email that lists a handful of books coming out in the next month set around the world.

It comes as a PDF, so you can print it out if you like or save it to your computer for easy access. And each edition has several pages of bookish goodness with cover photos, book descriptions, notes for the selections I’ve read, and release dates. Plus some issues will have special bonus sections, like middle grade or young adults books.

Each preview will come out on the last Tuesday of the month before (so September’s book preview will come out the last Tuesday of August, October’s the last Tuesday of September, etc.).

Can I Get a Preview of the Preview?

Sure! If you want to see what’s it all about, you can download the first edition of the preview (August 2021) below!

How Can I Sign Up?

You can sign-up here! Be sure to check your email (and your spam folder) for an email to confirm your email address. Then you should be good to go!

I can’t wait to have you join us for the all bookish (and travel!) fun!