Hotel Review: Thompson Central Park New York

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When we had our 24 hours in NYC before our trip to Scandinavia, we knew we wanted a solid hotel where we could come in from the rush of the city and feel refreshed. After looking at a few midtown NYC hotels, we ultimately decided on the Thompson Central Park New York. And while I’m going to get into all the details about the hotel in this Thompson Central Park review, let me go ahead and spoil the whole thing for you: this was one of my favorite hotels I stayed in this year.

The Thompson Central Park is a Hyatt hotel, which means you can use your Hyatt points to stay here and use your stay to earn Hyatt nights. Considering what a luxurious feeling hotel this is, it’s a really good points redemption too. In summer of 2022, we paid 26,000 Hyatt points to stay here. I think the cash rate would have been at least $600. That honestly an incredible value, and when we realized how much we loved this hotel, it felt even better.

The Thompson Central Park just opened in 2021, so it’s still relatively new on the hotel scene. Plus, they are still debuting new spaces and experiences. Their redesigned restaurant and bar, Parker’s, opened in June 2022. And they have also added “Upper Stories” experiences, which feature rooms with extra luxury, views of Central Park, access to a special lounge, and more.

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Thompson Central Park Review: Location

The location for the Thompson Central Park is fantastic. It is in Midtown NYC and is just three blocks from Central Park. It is also on the same block as Carnegie Hall.

It was also on the same block as the 57th Street metro station, which made it really easy to get to wherever else we needed to go in NYC.

Thompson Central Park Review: Rooms

We booked a standard room with two double beds, and for a New York hotel we thought the room was extremely spacious. The beds were comfortable, everything was so clean and smelled so good, and the décor made it feel modern and luxurious.

But almost more than the room, I loved the bathroom. There was just something about the shower that felt amazing, and the bath products they had provided in our room smelled incredible. Honestly, my favorite part about our brief stay in NYC might have been taking a shower.

The only single complaint I can think about for our room is the way the doors are configured. The door to the bathroom is on the same wall as the beds, meaning someone is sleeping pretty close to the bathroom door. This didn’t really bother us, but it is something to be aware of.

And of course, the Thompson Central Park has other room options available too. We had a studio room with two double beds. But there are also rooms with king beds and studio suites, which have a separate sitting area (although it’s technically the same room.)

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Thompson Central Park Review: Facilities & Common Areas

From the moment you walk into the lobby of Thompson Central Park from the busy streets of New York, you feel refreshed. First of all, everything smells SO GOOD! (I think they might use the same scent machines that Disney uses for their hotel lobbies?) I think my family got sick of me raving about how good everything smelled just during the brief time we were there.

Besides the beautiful lobby, the Thompson Central Park also features a gym and blow dry bar on the lower level. Since we were there for such a short time we didn’t make use of this though.

When we visited, the hotel was still undergoing some renovations, so some common areas were yet-to-be-opened.

Thompson Central Park Review: Restaurants

Here’s a brief overview of the restaurants featured at Thompson Central Park.


This is the main restaurant and is where you can get breakfast in the morning as well as drinks at night. (Be aware that it can get pricy though!)

The restaurant & bar is named for New York Jazz legend Charlie Parker, and you’ll find all kinds of tributes to New York jazz throughout the restaurant. (The hotel property also used to be called Parker New York, so I’m sure that had something to do with it as well.)

Burger Joint

While the hotel has changed hands, Burger Joint has remained the same. This iconic New York restaurant has been in place since 2002, and it focuses on fresh burgers. It’s a small restaurant full of graffitied walls (which you can add to), and you’ll often find a line out the door. It’s located just around the corner from the check-in desk.

We ate lunch here and thankfully got there just before the line started forming down the hallway, so we didn’t have to wait too long. The burgers were really good, but I think their claim to fame is that they started the revolution of fresh, simple, hand-formed burgers at restaurants. The burger didn’t blow me away (I’ve had others like it), but it was still really fantastic.

Indian Accent

The Thompson Central Park also features an Indian restaurant by Chef Manish Mehrotra called Indian Accent. It’s an upscale restaurant that features “progressive ideas in Indian cuisine” and can find their menu on their website. They are only open for dinner.

In Room Dining

Of course the Thompson Central Park also offers in room dining. You can get room service for breakfast from 6:00-11:00 a.m. and lunch and dinner from 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Their in-room dining menu also features some items from Milk Bar.

Thompson Central Park Review: Pros & Cons

Thompson Central Park Pros

  • SO SO clean and smelled so so good!
  • Fantastic NYC location near Central Park.
  • A great points value if you use Hyatt points.
  • Helpful and friendly staff.
  • Relatively spacious rooms, great beds, and luxury feel.

Thompson Central Park Cons

  • There is no spa or pool, so know that if this is something important to you.
  • I felt that the layout of the bathroom door was odd, but it didn’t really bother us. (Yes, I know this is super nit-picky, but I can’t come up with other cons!)

Thompson Central Park Review: Bottom Line

If you’re traveling to New York City and looking for a luxury hotel stay, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Thompson Central Park. And if you’re a Hyatt member and can get or use points for the stay? Even better!

We loved our stay here, and even though the hotel was still being updated while we were there, we didn’t feel like we missed anything. Every time I walked into the lobby I was just delighted. I would stay here again in a heartbeat! And I definitely hope I get to go back sometime and check out the additions they’ve introduced since we were there!

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