Water Rides at Disney World: Where You’ll Get Wet

Jungle Cruise

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When you think of water rides at Disney World, you probably picture the rides where you can get absolutely soaked, like Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and Kali River Rapids. But there is so much more than that — even in places you might not expect. Here we’ll break down all the water rides at Disney World — from the rides most likely to soak you to the gentle water rides where you’ll stay dry.

So whether you’re looking to stay dry or want to know where you’ll get a refreshing splash of water (because let’s be honest, it usually feels great in that Florida heat), here’s everything you need to know about Disney World’s water rides and attractions!

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Wettest Water Rides at Disney World

These attractions are rides where you are almost guaranteed to get wet. So be prepared with the right clothes and/or a ponchos and make sure your non-waterproof electronics are put away and protected in plastic bags!

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (Magic Kingdom)

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure replaced Splash Mountain in 2024, and it’s definitely one of the wettest rides at Disney World!

Besides small drops and extra splash effects, you have that big drop at the end that you’ll almost definitely get *somewhat* wet on.

If you want to get less wet, usually aim for sitting in the second or third row. The first row tends to get the wettest. But it really can be hit or miss with no guarantees or getting wet or staying dry! And sometimes water will splash up into your flume at places other than the big drop to, so be ready.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure height requirement: 40 inches.

Kali River Rapids (Animal Kingdom)

Kali River Rapids in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom is a ride where you will almost definitely get wet. Maybe even soaked!

This ride is a river rapids float ride that is themed after a rafting expedition along the Chakrandi River. There are waterfalls you travel under, a 20 foot drop, and plenty of spray jets with the aim of drenching guests.

If you don’t want to get soaked here, wear a poncho. There are also lockers nearby where you can store you things.

Kali River Rapids Height Requirement: 38 inches.

Kali River Rapids

Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station (Magic Kingdom)

This isn’t so much a ride, but since the main point of the Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station is to get wet, it seemed like it needed to be included on our list of water rides at Disney World.

This splash pad play area is located in the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom, and it’s themed after the circus train in Dumbo. If you think your kids will want to stop and play here, pack a swimsuit in your park bag! On those really hot Florida days, it might be exactly what they need.

Disney World Rides with Some Unexpected Splashes

These rides aren’t exactly meant to soak you, but you may still find yourself getting splashed unexpectedly from water jets, splashes, or themed special effects. You won’t necessarily need a towel to dry off from these rides, but just don’t be surprised if you get a little wet.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the popular rollercoaster in Frontierland of Magic Kingdom, certainly isn’t a water ride. But that doesn’t mean you’ll stay completely dry.

This wildest ride in the wilderness takes you through mines and caverns, and while most of it is dry, there are some sections with geysers and mists where you may get a little wet. But with as fast you’re traveling, you’ll likely dry off before it’s time to disembark.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Height Requirement: 40 inches.

Jungle Cruise (Magic Kingdom)

Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland is a water ride, but not one that is meant to get your soaked. Here you’ll travel through the jungle rivers of the world, from the Nile to the Amazon, with comedian skippers.

You’ll stay dry usually, but there is the possibility of catching some mist from the waterfall and an even smaller possibility of being splashed by an animatronic elephant. Generally though, whatever water you do happen to catch will likely just feel refreshing.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin (Magic Kingdom)

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, also located in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, is not a water ride at all — except for that pesky camel. Nearby is a gold camel that will randomly spit water on unsuspecting guests as they spin around. Whether you’ll get spit on or not is mostly luck — but know that it could happen!

If you want to avoid the water altogether, try moving your carpet to its highest position. (Much like Dumbo, you can control the height of your carpet. The controls for height are in the front seat.)

Pirates of the Caribbean (Magic Kingdom)

Pirates of the Caribbean is a popular dark boat ride in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland that takes you to witness the pillage and plunder of a band of pirates.

Although you’re not meant to get wet here necessarily, the possibility does exist. Watch out for the drop at the beginning, but it really depends on where you are sitting in the boat (people toward the front tend to get more wet).

Frozen Ever After (Epcot)

Frozen Ever After in Epcot’s Norway is a water ride that takes you through the scenes of hit movie Frozen. There are two small drops here (one of them backwards!) and you very well may get splashed. As with most water rides, it completely depends on where you sit, with the first two rows being more likely to get splashed on the forward facing drop.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (Epcot)

Disney World’s new ride in the the France pavilion of Epcot has you envision the world as the size of a rat in a Paris kitchen. It’s a fun 3D adventure that the whole family will love, but there are some moments with perhaps some unexpected water.

Since this is a 3D ride, there are a few times where things will pop out at you, and one of these, a champagne bottle being uncorked, may spray you with a little mist. It’s nothing major, and honestly on a hot Florida day it will probably feel refreshing more than anything.

Avatar Flight of Passage (Animal Kingdom)

Avatar Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom’s Pandora is one of the the most popular rides on property, and with good reason. This incredible motion simulator will have you flying through Pandora on your very own banshee, and it truly is magical.

While you aren’t meant to get particularly wet, there is a scene where you fly through some water and past a large wave. And because Disney goes all out on immersive experiences, there is a mist of water the corresponds. You won’t get super wet, but don’t be surprised to feel a few drops of water on your face.

Avatar Flight of Passage Height Requirement: 44 inches.

Muppet Vision 3D

Muppet Vision 3D is a classic show in Hollywood Studios that is fun for the whole family. You won’t get super soaked, but there is a scene with Fozzie and his magic flower that results in the audience getting sprayed with a bit of water.

Wonder what rides are right for toddlers? Babies? Try our Disney World Rides by Age Guide!

Gentle and Dry Water Rides at Disney World

These gentle water rides at Disney World won’t get you wet! So enjoy a boat cruise without worrying about drying off for the rest of your day.

It’s a Small World (Magic Kingdom)

This classic ride in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland takes you on a world tour with cute animatronic dolls and is sure to get a certain song stuck in your head.

But don’t worry about getting wet on It’s a Small World. This water ride is gentle and slow and doesn’t have any splashes.

Liberty Square Riverboat (Magic Kingdom)

If you want to take a bigger boat ride, try the Liberty Square Riverboat in Magic Kingdom. This large boat will take you around Tom Sawyer’s Island and will give you some unique views of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Haunted Mansion. But you’ll stay dry!

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (Epcot)

This small boat ride in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion takes you on a journey with José and Panchito as they search for Donald for their Three Caballeros concert. This ride is just as gentle as It’s a Small World, and you should expect to stay dry.

Living with the Land (Epcot)

Living with the Land takes you on a gentle boat ride through the greenhouse of Epcot’s The Land Pavilion. Learn about the work Epcot is doing to grow food, and then sample some of the fruits of their labors at nearby Sunshine Seasons or Garden Grill Restaurant.

This boat ride is maybe one of the most peaceful rides in Disney World, with just about zero chances of getting wet.

Na’vi River Journey (Animal Kingdom)

Na’vi River Journey takes you through a Pandora forest at night, complete with bioluminescence and the sounds of Pandora’s creatures. This relaxing and gentle ride will keep you dry.

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Tips for Staying Dry on Water Rides

If you want to stay dry (or to keep your things dry!) on the water rides at Disney World, here are a few tips:

  • Use your poncho. Don’t just save it for the rain! You can use it to protect both yourself and your things on rides known to soak their passengers (like Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and Kali River Rapids).
  • Use the lockers near Kali River Rapids to store your personal items to keep them dry.
  • Pay attention to where you sit! Some seats in some rides are more known for getting soaked. Here’s some guidance on where to sit, but the usually opinion is that rows further toward the front tend to get more wet. That can change though depending on the weight distribution of the vehicle!
  • Wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. No one wants to walk around in wet tennis shoes all day, so wear something you know will dry fast (especially for rides like Kali River Rapids). (I’m ALWAYS wearing my Chacos!)