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With over 10 years of blogging and professional writing experience (four of them in the travel space), I can offer brands and destinations collaborative content partnerships that include SEO content, email marketing, and brand longevity strategies.

Flying Off the Bookshelf connects readers to travel destinations across the world (along with books to pair with their journey). Whether its a family theme park trip, a Southern weekend getaway, or an unforgettable trip to Europe, we enable travelers to have their best possible travel experience…and their next destination could be yours.

My Audience

The average reader is a Millennial or Gen X woman with disposable income looking to make travel memories for herself or her family.

Most of my audience has kids (56%), has a household income of more than $100K (42%) and is college educated or higher (71%).





Current site stats as of January 2024:

  • Average monthly visitors: 21,000+
  • Average monthly pageviews: 35,000+
  • Instagram Followers: 2,000+
  • Monthly Pinterest Views: 125,000+
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 450+ (with 44% average open rate)

What I Offer

If we work together, these are some of the things I can offer:

  • SEO Blog Content to get your brand or destination in front of the right eyes.
  • Social Media Coverage to boost enthusiasm for your brand or destination.
  • Brand Longevity Strategies (including email marketing) to keep your brand or destination in front of our audience for the long term.

Contact Information

If you are interested in working together, email me at erin [at]

I’d love to chat about how we can work together!

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